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About Sniper World

Sniper World was first thought up by J.K. Crawford. Sniper World hopes to inform many people of the civilian and military population about sniping. Sniping is not a sport or a recreational activity, it is a job if you will. Snipers are a special breed of people. Sniper World is very much attuned to the nature of sniping. In Sniper World, you will find out alot of stuff that involves sniping and hunting. You will read about tracking and making ghillie suits. If you want something added to Sniper World then send it to Many people think that Snipers are gun-crazed people who love killing. But many Snipers don't really like the idea of taking another man's life. We personally do no like the idea and if you have a big problem with it you should NOT become a Sniperr. The stress and anquise could stain your mind and drive you insane. So what you will find in Sniper World will only be for informational purposes and not to promote violence or anything else.